Welcome to CIC Association CIC, the home of regulated social business. We believe the community interest company legislation (CIC) is an evolution. A legislation, brand and structure that will change the way people do business in the UK.

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Our mission is to plant a flag in the ground, around which the CIC community can build the infrastructure needed to help us achieve that vision.

Being a CIC presents unique opportunities and challenges, from brand awareness to funding issues. CIC Association CIC wants to help ensure those opportunities are fully realised and the challenges met. We aim to be a useful resource to our members, and a positive conduit in the further development of all things CIC.

Connecting the CIC community will allow us to communicate to and receive info from all CICs, to build a single online marketplace from which to collaborate, raise awareness levels and disseminate information and best practice. We will also be able to deliver knowledge resources, create a structured PR strategy and reduce the wide ranging innocent mis-representation of the legislation.

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Our objectives

The popularity of the legislation on the ground is growing, and having a structured approach to CIC development is vital if the legislation is to move forward successfully.

The CIC Association CIC will: